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Technicians at Work
Founded & Managed by Professionals

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We pride ourselves in being the best at what we do.


TriTechTurbo Vision

To be the number one service provider in Middle East for all types of equipment in Air System.

TriTechTurbo Mission


To achieve 100% CAGR till year 2023 through focus on customer delight.

TriTechTurbo Values


Our core strengths are the values that drive us towards the mission. Our values ensure we have a fair DEAL for all stakeholders associated with us whether it is our vendor, client, associate or logistic partner.


to give you a





fair DEAL





TriTechTurbo Story


We are a team of passionate individuals who came together to chase the dream of providing world class services to Utility Equipment clients. The team has vast experience and rich knowledge that empowers them to find optimum solutions even in the most ambiguous of situations. Our knowledge increases our range, and our experience increases accuracy in applying this knowledge. We understand how an equipment failure leads to down times that affect the topline. Our processes and quality of delivery defines our brand TriTechTurbo. For us, its always "Customer First".


Our key focus area is Compressed Air System. We provide cradle-to-grave support to our clients whether its Compressor selection, Compressor commissioning, Compressor servicing, Compressor AMC or breakdown maintenance. If you have a Compressed Air System, we are your best bet.

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