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SANPAR - Asia's reputed Air Technology Brand

SANPAR is a well known for Compressed Air Technology and various other equipment. TriTechTurbo Middle East FZCO is the authorized sales & service distributor for Middle East & Africa.

Ecodrair series are those refrigerant compressed air dryers which employs tube-in tube design of air to air and evaporator in the dryer. The capacity ranges from 5 cfm to 180 cfm with operating pressures from 4 bar g to 16 bar g.,Wherein higher pressure ranges are also available up to 50 bar g.

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SANPAR make Refrigerated Air Dryer is a combination of an Open Loop Air cycle and a closed loop refrigerant cycle. The air here is cooled to very low temperatures so as to allow the moisture content in it to condense. The condensed water is removed from the air line thus rendering air free from moisture.


SANPAR has the expertise and proven track record to design and manufacture dryers to supply clean dry air using the techniques of Adsorption process.Low pressure drop and low purge loss Along with least power consumption is the hallmark of SANPAR Dryers.


SANPAR makes both Air Cooled and water cooled after coolers to address all your compressed air system needs. Atmospheric air is used to cool the compressed air in an Air Cooled After Cooler. Water from a cooling tower is used to cool the compressed air in a Water Cooled After Cooler. SANPAR make Water Cooled After Coolers are all custom made, hence complete flexibility in design considerations to suit the customer’s requirements.


SANPAR Coolants are designed keeping in mind the user's point-of-view and the same quality policy because of which SANPAR has reached its present status of being one of the premiere organization for process chillers. SANPAR has a complete range of CFC-free chillers to choose from-for unique requirements of process cooling.


Drain valves remove condensate and thereby protect the components downstream to the compressed air treatment system. Various types of Drain Valves like Automatic Timer Controlled, Mechanical Float Drain, No Air Loss  and level Control drain help minimize air loss and improve Compressed Air System safety


Numerous years of experience in compressed air treatment has rendered SANPAR pioneers in airing solutions. This has transformed into standard systems of SANPAR refrigeration air chillers. SANPAR's innovative thinking is reflected in its air chillers of capacities ranging from 5 CFM to 10,000CFM at variable pressures.

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SANPAR has a complete range of CFC-free chillers to choose from-for unique requirements of process cooling- from 0.5TR to 100TR. Chillers are available in both air cooled and water cooled versions. Wide Range of Models and Capacities makes SANPAR a viable option for any application.


The SANPAR make Precision Air Conditioner is the next- generation, highly-efficient unit, extremely accurate climate control for reliable and consistent operation of various critical applications whilst maintaining low operating noise and energy consumption.


SANPAR's Xerion series of dehumidifiers works in accordance with the condensation principal. it employs a hermetically sealed compressor,  highly Energy Efficient Fans rated to conform to ErP 2015 norms and a fully automatic with a built-in hygrostat.


SANPAR's range of Compressed Air Line Filters remove unwanted particles, be it solid, liquid, aerosols, mist or gas. These microfilters ensure the filtered air conforms to ISO 8573.1 class 1 standard for dust. Available in 5 categories: Primary Pre-Filter, Pre-Filter, After-Filter, Final-Filter and Activated Carbon Filter


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