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While we do not limit us with specific categories the following are the categories that we regularly deal in. In case you have requirements which are not bound by the categories below please feel free to request for quote with details of the equipment, spare or consumables you need.



All spares and consumables for compressors of various makes.  From filters and oil to aero-parts and coolers, we provide OEM spares as well as best quality replacement parts at affordable prices. Our strong supply chain ensures we source material from across the globe and deliver them swiftly to our clients in all geographies.

[ Air Filter / Oil Filter / Air-Oil Separator]


Lubricants, Coolants & Oils


Variety of Lubricants, coolants and oils to suit your requirement with respect to application, type, quality and budget. We source our products in these categories from Europe and ensure they match, if not better, the specifications of OEM products.

[ Compressor Coolant / Compressor Lubricant / Engine Oil / Automotive Lubricants ]


Valves, Mechanical Seals, Fittings & Gaskets


We supply valves, fittings and gaskets to suit various applications and budgets. We source superior components that are suitable for replacement of parts in all OEM equipment and specific processes. The components have long life and high duty cycle to ensure lower maintenance and downtime.

[ Control Valves / Butterfly Valves / Ball valves / Pipe fittings ]




We supply various types of desiccants for application in air drying & air separation. We source the best quality desiccants from across the globe for specific applications.

[ Alumina / Silica Gel / Molecular Sieve ]


Control Panels & Switchgear Parts

We provide SCADA system, PLC Panels, control panels, Switchgear components like relays, contactors, MCBs etc as well as control components like PLCs, IO Modules, Sensors, Transducers, Indicators and signal converters etc.

[ SCADA / PLC Panel / IO Modules / Power Switchgear / Gauges / Transmitters ]


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