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DanPumps - Europe's Best Pumps Brand

The Danpumps S-WP pump: With the range of submersible pumps from the small S-WP0 to the big S-WP5, we cover the need from light industrial effluents to heavy duty wastewater jobs from both cities and industries. The flowrate varies from 68m³/h to 4000 m³/h, and we have connections from DN50 to DN600.

Danpumps Wastewater Pump (S-WP)

The dry installed DanPumps serie S-WN are used for horizontal and vertical mounting. With the range of pumps from the small S-WN1 to the big S-WN5, we cover the need from light industrial effluents to heavy duty wastewater jobs from both cities and industries. The flowrate varies from 68m³/h to 4000 m³/h, and we have connections from DN50 to DN600.

Danpumps Wastewater Pump (S-WN)

DanPumps offers a range of high-efficient inline pumps. The range of inline pumps covers up to a flow rate of 650 m³/h from connection sizes DN40-DN250.  Our inline pumps come in two different designs SIP/SMP and the SIP-2L/SMP-2L, which type of pump to choose depends on the application and the flow rate.

Danpumps Industrial & Marine pumps (S-IP & S-MP)

The DanPumps S-DP is a high-efficient lightweight drainage pump built in aluminium, which is an ideal solution for tough dewatering and transfer duties, including sump/cellar drainage, dewatering of tanks, construction sites, pits, pools, and many other domestic and commercial applications

Danpumps Drainage Pump (S-DP)

The DanPumps S-WS is a high-efficient low weight submersible sludge pump built in aluminum and cast iron, which is powerful and ensures heavy duty industrial strength and high performance, but still light and highly portable due to its slim design – suitable for pumping sludge and water mixed with solids, which can operate in every position, vertical, horizontal or upside down.

Danpumps Sludge Pump (S-WS)

DanPumps offers a line of sanitary stainless steel pumps designed for cleanability and to meet the requirements of food, beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries with a flow rate up to 100 m³/h.

The centrifugal pump is designed for Cleaning In Place (CIP) and offer exceptional levels of hygiene, which is ideal in industries where hygiene is utmost importance.

Danpumps Sanitary Pump (S-FP)
Serviceability of DanPumps Centrifugal Pump
Serviceability of DanPumps Wastewater Pump

Customer Testimonials

Logo of Vejen Forsyning company, a satisfied Danpumps customer.

Vejen Forsyning

“Maintenances of a DanPumps pump, does not require a special tool kit, and can be done in a few hours. Other pumps require uncommon tools, and will take several days just to acquire the tools.”

-Lars & Henrik, Vejen Forsyning, Denmark

Logo of Pumptec company, a satisfied Danpumps customer.


“DanPumps S-WP Series - centrifugal pumps S-WP1, S-WP2, S-WP3, and S-WP4 were supplied, installed and commissioned at the Gabal El.Asfar wastewater treatment plant in 2014 and 2015. The pumps are performing well, and we are very satisfied with your service and support.”

-Osama Elmondy, PumpTec, Egypt

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What are the special features of DanPumps Centrifugal Pumps?

DanPumps product range consists of powerful pumps in a variety of sizes which can also be customized for various applications. Some of the best features of DanPumps pumps are:

  • High pump efficiency

  • Non-clogging impellers

  • Life-long reliability

  • Designed for easy maintenance

Since the design can be customized for your specific performance requirements, these pumps provide the best energy efficiency in the industry.

What is DanPumps Product Portfolio?

The Danpumps product portfolio consists of all types of pumps used in various industries across UAE and Oman. The water pump types we deal are top of the line and include:

  • Wastewater Pumps (Dry Pit)

  • Wastewater Pumps (Submersible)

  • Industrial Pumps

  • Marine Pumps

  • Drainage Pumps

  • Sludge Pumps

  • Sanitary Pumps

How does the DanPumps Wastewater Pump design make it easy for maintenance?

Some key features that make DanPumps pumps easy for maintenance are:

1. Cartridge Seal: It is very user friendly and can be changed without any special tools by anyone without special training on centrifugal pump maintenance. The risk of improper fitting is next to zero. The design ensures it is the best mechanical seal for pump.

2. Fast Lock Latch Bolts: It makes separating the pump from the motor very easy during maintenance. reducing the disassembly time and effort can significantly affect time to service positively.

3. Slide Rails: Slide rails on base plate in horizontal mounted centrifugal pumps makes removing and attaching the motor easy.

4. Adjustable Wear Ring: Reducing the hydraulic loss in the centrifugal pumps between impeller and wear ring is made easy using an adjustable wear ring.

5. Top Pull Out Construction: Makes it easy to access centrifugal pump parts for maintenance and service.

What is the Service Support for DanPumps in UAE?

TriTechTurbo is the authorized agency for sales and service of DanPumps products in UAE and Oman. Our engineers and technicians are trained and certified by DanPumps. Our local workshop is well equipped to repair and refurbish all products of DanPumps. In extreme cases, the Centrifugal pumps can be sent to Denmark for servicing. We provide breakdown and preventive maintenance services. Reach out to us to know more about how we can help you.

Our Local warehouse in AbuDhabi stocks all required genuine spares and consumables to ensure fast response and proper service of the Pumps

What makes the DanPumps Drain Pump the best?

DanPumps Drain Pump can operate in any position - horizontal, vertical or even upturned. The Drain Pump can operate in depths of up to 20m and can handle liquids with a wide band of pH, from 5 to 8. The double casing aluminum body also works as a cooling jacket for the Drain Pump. Capable of handling liquids with density as high as 1100kg/m3 and temperature as high as 40°C makes the DanPumps Drain pumps one of the best in the market.

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