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Logo of Lupamat Compressor company.

Lupamat: Europe's Best Compressor Brand

Lupamat is a compressor brand since 1968. TriTechTurbo Middle East FZCO is the Authorised sales and service distributor of Lupamat for UAE & Oman.

Lupamat screw air compressors designed and manufactured in the latest technology environment come with various options like Belt driven, Direct coupled, Variable speed, Proportional valve control  etc to provide energy efficiency and more value for money. 

Lupamat Screw Compressor

Lupamat offers oil-free compressors special to every sector and application. It creates a difference in oil-free models thanks to its energy efficiency, low operating cost and long maintenance intervals as supported by the best warranty in its class.

Lupamat Oil-free Compressor
Lupamat Reciprocating Compressor

Lupamat reciprocating air compressors are high-performance, long-lasting appliances manufactured for industrial use, containing an effective cooling and lubrication system, with high quality and suitable materials used in them.

Developed for rail systems in partnership with Lupamat - Anest Iwata, oil-free scroll and oil-free reciprocating compressors deliver high-quality fresh air and offer ultra-silent noise levels with reliability in the most challenging environments with their compact sizes.

Lupamat Railway Compressor

Lupamat offers refrigerant dryers with superior drying performance to meet all your process needs. Prevent damages related to moisture in the compressed air system, causing loss of business, time and money.

Lupamat Refrigeration Dryer

Lupamat compressed air tanks are produced vertically or horizontally in the range of 500-10.000 liters in accordance with the EU-Pressure Equipment regulation 2014/68 / EC and EN 13445 standard. Tanks with higher volumes and higher working pressure are produced upon request.

Lupamat Receiver Tank

Lupamat offers value add products like heat recovery system, Soft starter, Remote monitoring, Central control system, proportional valve control, Activated carbon towers, Oil seperators etc to increase the efficiency of the compressed air system as a whole. 

Lupamat Compressor Add-Ons
Lupamat Screw Compressor in Action

Customer Testimonials

Logo of Pehlivansoy Tekstil company, a satisfied Lupamat customer.

Pehlivansoy Tekstil

"Compressors consume 60% of the power in a textile company. With Lupamat, we are able to save 12-15% on energy costs compared to other compressors. Also when we used other brands of compressors before, we had problems like heating alarms, compressor tripping and loss of production. With Lupamat, we have not faced any issues." 

-Hüsmen Sertel, Business Manager

Logo of Osman Canli Tekstil, a satisfied Lupamat customer.

"We have been Using Lupamat for 17 years. We have good experience in terms of low failures, better efficiency and lower maintenance costs. As a result, we feel Lupamat suits us better than other compressors." 

-Atilla Yılmaz, Factory Manager

Osman Canli Tekstil

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What is the service support provided by Lupamat?

In addition to being one of the top air compressor suppliers in UAE, TriTechTurbo is also the authorized agency to provide services to Lupamat customers in UAE and Oman. Engineers and Technicians in TriTechTurbo are trained and certified by Lupamat to provide all kinds of services for Air Compressors and Air Dryers. We also plan to have an exclusive local workshop to provide repair and refurbishment support to our clients. Local stock of spares and consumables ensures quick turnaround and faster response. A 1 year free service and a 1 year warranty (extendable upto 2 years) are all factors that make Lupamat an obvious choice.

What is Lupamat Product Portfolio?

Lupamat has a wide range of products in the compressed air domain. These include:

  • Oil Injected Screw Air Compressors.

  • Oil Injected Receiver Mounted Screw Compressors.

  • Oil Injected Reciprocating Compressors.

  • Oil Free Reciprocating Compressors.

  • Oil Free Scroll Compressors.

  • 40 Bar Oil Free PET Blowing Compressors

  • Booster Compressors.

  • Compressed Air Tanks.

  • Air Dryers And Filters

  • Railway compressor

How is Lupamat Screw Compressor different from other Screw Compressors?

Being a trusted air compressor manufacturer for more than 50 years, Lupamat produces industrial compressors that are high quality, more efficient and provide a superior performance overall. Lupamat Screw Compressors have a lower specific power (kw/m3/min) compared to other screw compressors.  Which means for the same amount of power consumed, the Lupamat Rotary Compressor will have a higher capacity and will be delivering more compressed air compared to other air compressors. Also, Lupamat screw compressors have a 40% lower RPM of the screw elements compared to other screw compressors. This results in a longer life and lower lifetime ownership cost for the user.

Does Lupamat have energy efficient Air Compressors?

Apart from having the best specific power ratings, Lupamat compressors provide value added options that improve the energy efficiency of Screw Compressors. The use of proportional control valves at the air inlet in the screw compressor ensures that the flow of air is as per the demand, whereby the load on the motor is optimized to save power.

Also the use of Variable Speed Drives ensures the load is optimized based on the demand. The frequency drives change the speed of the screw element of the air compressor to mimic the demand to ensure the power consumption is minimized without affecting the delivery of the compressor with respect to the process demand.

Centralized control is another value added option available. This option can integrate multiple compressors to work as a single entity and interact with each other to share the load and optimize the power consumption

I'm not sure which compressor I need. How can you help?

You can leave your number with us for us to call you back or contact on WhatsApp. This is a good way to start an interaction to understand our approach before you make any commitment.

Our expert engineers will visit your facility to understand your application and help you select the right air compressor based on more than 10 factors to ensure you get the right solution for your problem. 

We are sure that once you talk to us, Lupamat will become your obvious choice for an Air Compressor.

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