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From commissioning a stand alone screw compressor to an air system with multiple centrifugal compressors of different makes & models, Air dryers, pressure and flow regulators etc, our experienced team of professionals trained in best practices governed by standard operating procedures ensure our clients get the best experience.

Compressors | Blowers | Air Dryers | Cooling Towers | Generators | Control Valves




Our AMC package ensures the preventive maintenance is done by experienced professionals who understand the equipment and auxilliary systems ensuring identification of possible breakdowns well before they happen giving the opportunity to take scheduled shutdowns to address the issues without affecting the productivity of the system. In case of breakdowns, our service specialists are available for quick service visits to address specific breakdown cases. Our servicing & maintenance packages are extended for Compressors, Blowers, Dryers, Turbines, Generators, Boilers, Cranes and other major Industrial equipment.

Annual Maintenance Contracts | Periodic Service Visit Package | Breakdown Service Visits


Supply of Genuine OEM Spares & Consumables


With our strong global supply chain we are able to source genuine OEM Spares for all brands of equipment at a reasonable price. The service is included in our annual maintenance contracts but can be availed separately as well.  We are capable of providing the same at the shortest lead times.

Compressor Spares | Pump Spares | Chiller Spares | Engine Spares | Generator Spares


Control & Automation


Design, implementation and maintenance of automation systems as per the need of the client to monitor the equipment independently or to integrate them with the automation system at client site. Our Proprietary logic for optimizing use of multiple machines helps improve efficiency and better energy management. We also provide IOT based solutions for remote monitoring.

SCADA | Load Sharing | Energy management | Remote Monitoring (IoT)


Equipment Life Cycle Management


Identify the optimal strategy to derive maximum value from various equipment based on the stage of life cycle they are in and appropriately execute the decided action plan. The services offered include from repair and refurbish to sale of used equipment. Our expertise with various equipment and applications for a wide range of industries gives us the unique perspective to optimize the value chain of used equipment market.

Repair | Refurbishment | Modification | Used Equipment Sale | Rental


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